Published On : Fri, Nov 28th, 2014

Winter Skincare for the Radiant and youthful You

Wrinkle-free-faceIt is mid November already and there is a welcome chill in the air after the long summer months that extended right upto October this year. It’s time to say hello to winter – and get out the sweaters and comforters from their moth balls. Its the season to enjoy hot coffee laced with chocolate or brandy for the more ‘spirited’ time to welcome Christmas,  bonfires and Dry Skin!! Young or old, women or men, dry skin is one problem that cuts across all age groups, genders and skin types during winter. Skin care in winter is imperative even for those with oily skin or normal skin.  It is necessary to take some precautions  to keep your skin from getting dull, dry, and itchy. Here are some useful tips for skin care in winter that will help in keeping that dryness in check:

Moisturizer is your best friend

Use oil based moisturisers but also pamper your skin with relaxing massages. We, in Nagpur are lucky to have many experienced masseurs –ladies as well as men – available in your neighbourhood. The best oil to use in these winter months are til oil, coconut oil or mustard oil

You will still need to use commercial moisterisers/ creams that you should apply to not just your face but your whole body immediately after your bath when your skin is still damp. Avoid usage of harsh soaps with deodarants that you may have used in summers. Go in for mild liquid soaps and cleaners.

Avoid hot showers and baths. A hot water shower may be very inviting after a day out in chilly weather but it may actually be very bad for your skin as it can strip the skin off natural oils. To prevent this, use lukewarm water and avoid long showers. Keep away from antibacterial soaps, perfumed soaps and deodorant soaps. Instead, use a mild, fragrance-free soap or moisturizing body wash.

Dress appropriately  Dress yourself up to protect the skin from getting exposed to the cold dry air, harsh winds and dipping temperatures. Those cozy woolen sweaters should be worn over a cotton kurta/ shirt to avoid direct contact with your skin. Also for heaven’s sake, dont sleep with a sweater on at nights! Your skin needs to breathe too.  Use a scarf when you head outdoors. Also, grabbing your sunglasses is not a bad idea to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

Take care of your diet.  Hydrate yourself well by drinking plenty of water and other liquids. You may feel less thirsty than in summer but that does not mean your body needs  less water. Skin care in winter not only involves external application but also some internal care. Watch your vitamin intake. Vitamin-C helps in boosting the body’s production of Collagen – a structural protein part of the connective tissue that maintains the skin and helps in renewal of skin cells. We are fortunate that plenty of oranges and other citrus fruits are available in this season – so feast on them. Also make sure you load up on Vitamin-C rich food like  berries, bell peppers, broccoli, dark leafy greens  and papayas to name a few. So many vegetables are available in winters, feast on them all you want! Avoid rich, oily foods.

Follow these simple yet significant tips for your skin care in winter. We are sure it will take the dry days away and make your skin flaunt-worthy!!