Published On : Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Winter Session: Cops monitoring ‘invasion’ of morchas in a smart way

Nagpur: With the horde of morchas ‘invading’ the Second Capital City of Nagpur during the Winter Session of Maharashtra Legislature, the cops are monitoring the movements in a smart way.

The Command and Control Centre of Nagpur Police is keeping a hawk eye on the morchas by deploying the sophisticated gadgets such as CCTV cameras, drone cameras, body scanners, etc. Cops have installed 10 additional CCTV cameras at vantage points to monitor the morchas. The city is already equipped with a network of CCTV cameras under the Smart City Project. Through these cameras, the cops are keeping a tab on the movements of the morchas.

No surprise, not a single untoward incident or dicey situation was reported in the city during the massive morcha taken out by Congress and NCP combined on the second day of Winter Session on Tuesday. The morcha passed off peacefully under the watchful eyes of the alert police personnel and the ‘eyes’ of the sophisticated gadgets. The Vidarbha Bandh and Mayawati’s meeting too were a smooth affair.

The cops will be on alert for the two-week long Winter Session. More and more morchas are going to hit the streets in coming days. A Halba community morcha is slated today in which around 15,000 people are expected to assemble.

Apart from morchas, the CCTV cameras across the city are monitoring the sensitive points, VIP movements, security of Vidhan Bhavan, MLA Hostel, Ramgiri, Devgiri, Ravi Bhavan and at other places.