Published On : Mon, Nov 19th, 2018

Winter Aroma : Sanjha Chullah rolls out ‘Makkikiroti de Sarson ka Saag’

2018 is about to end so quickly! Maybe it went fast because we were too busy loading up different kinds of yummy food from all the unique restaurants that opened up.

So here we took the liberty of curating the winter’s favorite cuisine that we think Nagpurians await the most. Without much ado, let’s know what’s cooking up this winters which is turning out to be a special one.

‘Makki ki roti de Sarson ka Saag’
is one of the scrumptious and super hit combo from the lands of Punjab you’’ll find at “Sanjha Chullah” cooked by the owner himself,Chef Mandeep singh Padam.

In conversation with Mandeep we came to know that he served his dish with home-made desi ghee, dollop of fresh white butter procured from well known and hygienic place.

To add to all the rustic aroma, he adds a bit of jaggery (read desi gud)which gives you the feeling of awesomeness. From his kitchen he has shared with us his secret recipe which will steal the show in winters.


Makki ki atta
Sarson leaves
Baatu ki bhaji
Chopped green chillies
Desi ghee
Sarson oil
Red chilli powder
Ginger julliens
Salt for taste
White dollop butter
Desigur + Mulli

Sarson Ka Saag:

Boil Sarson leaves + baatu ki bhaji +palak and roughly mince them. For tempering take a pan put desi ghee or a bit of sarson oil. Add pinch of jeera, ginger julliens, onion,green chillies and cook them till onion goes soft-translucent. Add tomatoes, red chilli powder and pinch of turmeric. Then add white butter and cook till it shows butter glaze on top. Garnish with ghee and white butter and serve with fresh radish and desi jaggery.

For Makki ki roti:

Take Makki kaatta in a bowl. Add salt, red chilli powder, ajwain and lastly pin chof turmeric. Knead with warm water, roll between two sheets of plastic. After that cook on medium flame and serve with a dollop of white butter.

PRICE: INR 200 only

#Nagpurtodaytip: Make your weekends worth because ‘Makkai ki roti de Sarson ka Saag’ is only available on weekends at Sanjha Chullah. So Nagpur Today gives a big thumps up to winters special.

Address – Mount Road Sadar