Will the pathetic condition of Nagpur roads cost BJP dear in coming NMC elections?

Damage Roads
: Earlier this year, 2016, Nagpur Today had carried out an extensive and exclusive survey about how happy Nagpurians are with their city and what are their grievances against NMC, their Corporators and city fathers, if any.

This survey had been conducted for each of the 10 Prabhags with atleast 50 citizens interviewed from each prabhag. Thus our team of 6 interviewers ( all Journalism students of Tirpude College) had spoken to over 500 citizens of the city – in person, not on phone.

The survey results threw up an interesting fact – which was not very surprising. Which is that Nagpurians love their city and are happy living in it. Over 90% people, men, women and young adults – between the age of 18 and 30, had said they were happy and satisfied living where they were and would not want to move out of Nagpur.

But most of them had expressed dissatisfaction and unhappiness over three main issues, which were:

  • Condition of Nagpur roads
  • Garbage clearance and disposal
  • Availability of Corporators for grievance redressal

There were other issues that evoked concern like Health care – which is listed as a primary duty of NMC, state of NMC run schools and availability of play grounds. Even Sports teachers are supposed to be appointed by local/ state Government at public play grounds, but this was a rare exception.

Interesting point to note is that residents of ALL prabhags, whether it was Dhantoli or Laxmi Nagar or Mangalwari complained about the bad state of roads then. Many people living in slums, also complained of poor lighting on roads leading to unsafe conditions and affecting safety of women.

Damage Roads
This survey was conducted before the onset of rainy season, during summer months. Rains have played havoc with roads since then and there are water filled ditches on many city thoroughfares. Water is also accumulating where garbage dumps a permanant feature by road sides.

There is rampant breeding of mosquitoes making some outside visitors giving Nagpur a new name – den of mosquitoes!

“We had heard that Nagpur is surrounded by many forests where one can see Tigers, but the city itself is nothing less than a jungle breeding an army of blood thirsty mosquitoes” commented an irate guest from Banglore.

“We have never had so many mosquitoes in the city before. No wonder so many people are falling sick due to infections – chikan gunya is back with a vengeance” commented a city Doctor.

“The condition of roads is so bad that I feel nervous about sending my daughters to far away colleges by two wheelers” said Padmakar, whose daughters study in Priyadarshini Engineering and Architecture colleges.

“I have taken to dropping them and picking them up by car myself” he said.

Damage Roads
“I have lived in this city ever since I was born i..e. for 45 years. Never have I seen such a pathetic condition of roads in the city” said Advocate Shende.

The tragedy is that instead of addressing the question and doing something about it politicians are making lame excuses.

“The ongoing construction of Nagpur metro is responsible for the bad condition of roads in some places” says Guardian Minister Banwankule. Really Minister?

Damage Roads
It will be news for our readers that Nagpur metro is coming to every nook and corner of the city – into every locality on every main road and small lanes as well. Because bad roads are found just about ANYWHERE.

See the accompanying pics if you have any doubts. In a lighter vein we can say ” Nagpur me chand utar aaya hai….wahan bhi craters hai aur yahan bhi!!”