Will Borkar show guts to audit work of top NMC boss, other officials & his own staff?


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The day Narendra (Balya) Borkar took the reins of Standing Committee as its Chairman, an intense debate started taking rounds among the entire Ruling BJP dispensation, other office-bearers and citizens as well. Will Borkar stand the ground? Will he justify the position? Will he shoulder the responsibility in befitting manner? The questions started cropping up and were topics of debate. But with one stroke, Borkar tried to keep the critics silent. His announcement that work audit of NMC officials and employees would be done in best professional manner has left all and sundry bewildered. However, this move of Borkar has triggered another talk in experts’ circle. Will Borkar dare to carry out work audit of top officials like Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, entire office-bearers, employees including his own staff? Now, it would be interesting to see which works and whom are audited and who adopt tactics to escape the work audit!!

Balya Borkar was appointed Chairman of Standing Committee on the recommendation of City BJP President and East Nagpur MLA Krishna Khopde. Was it a mistake? But when Borkar presented NMC Budget and read out the proposals fluently forced the critics go radio silent. Now, he has created ripples in NMC circles by issuing directives to carry out work audit of officials and employees. The move is being welcomed, in general.

If the work audit is done 100 percent, the real face of NMC would come to the fore in no uncertain terms as every babu in NMC will have keep a tab of work he or she carries out. Everyone will get work in proportionate manner. In the present situation prevailing in NMC, many officials and employees are being paid salaries for handling work of 4-5 departments and some are getting salaries just to show their faces in office. Many of the employees are busy in working as assistants to office-bearers since years instead of carrying out the designated works in their own departments. The outcome is those looking after several works are not providing quality and quantum of pending files is increasing day by day. This phenomenon is leading to rampant corruption. No work in NMC is done without under the table dealings and subsequently, the employees take home the additional Indian currency with impunity.

Similarly, dozens of employees take salaries from Education Department but actually work in other departments as clerks. Funds to Education Department are given by State Government in 100 percent proportion with the sole aim of boosting education.

Another interesting point of discussion is that many sanctioned posts of top officials and lower rank employees have been lying vacant since the past 10-15 years. However, some other officials and employees have been deployed on the vacant posts illegally and in connivance with office-bearers and top babus. No one dares to remove them and will not dare to do work audit of them.

Will Balya Borkar gather the guts to carry out work audit of Municipal Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, their staff or his own staff? If Borkar succeeds in his words, he will be the first to do so and subsequently, bag the honour of being the most daring Chairman in the history of NMC. Till date, every Municipal Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, Mayor has failed to take such gutsy step.