Published On : Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

Why we admire Kangana for taking on Karan in his own talk show?

Karan, Kangana and Saif
If you have watched even a single episode of ‘Coffee with Karan’ his ‘stock’ questions that he has asked everyone exposes his mind set.

“Which is the better Khan – SRK,Salman or Amir?”

(To which someone had replied that there is a Saif Ali Khan too!)

Or the list he gives for you to rate – as actors, for sex appeal etc. etc. The SAME names over and over again, as if others like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan or Shahid Kapoor do not exist in the film industry.

So what was so wrong when Kangana called him ” a flag bearer of nepotism?” Or called his questions flippant? Mind you, she did not say these things behind his back, but on his own show – and with great dignity!

Just review some of the things Karan has said about his own films in the past? That he regrets not having made more meaningful films like Amir makes; or his confession to casting his favorite people in his films whether they deserved the roles or not. He has spoken of the film fraternity being a ‘closed’ group where outsiders can feel left out – so in that sense wasn’t Kangana echoing his own misgivings?

She was like the fearless creature who took on the lion in his own den! Or like the child in that fairy tale who dares to speak out “but the Emperor is not wearing any clothes!!”

What’s more – Kangana by any reckoning has earned the right to be blunt. She came to the industry a total outsider and made a unique place for herself by dint of her talent, hard work and sense of values that she brings to any decision she makes while accepting films or even endorsements.

But just look what a peevish response Karan had to these statements of Kangana?

Speaking to a film journalist in London, Karan said Kangana should leave the industry if she continuously feels victimised, by saying, “What does she mean by ‘movie mafia’? What does she think we are doing? Sitting here and not giving her work? Is that what makes us mafia? We do that by our choice. I do that because may be I am not interested to work with Kangana and that does not make me movie mafia, it makes me a man with an opinion. I appreciate that she had a great perspective and everyone lauded her for coming on my show. People said ‘she gave it off to Karan’ and I would say of course, but I was gracious enough to keep everything. I cut none of it and I do edit so much of stuff from the show. I was like let the world see her opinion. I gave her the platform to speak and now this is my platform so here I am speaking what I want to. I want to conclude by saying I am done with Kangana playing the woman card and the victim card. You can’t be a victim at every point of time who has a sad story to say as to how you have been terrorised by the bad world of industry. If that’s the case, leave it!”

We can translate that into – ‘I kept on what Kangana said because it made great TRP for my show and increased its fast eroding credibility.

But no way will I let a woman get away with speaking her mind and putting me down while doing so!’

Karan has exposed himself further with his response and Kangana has risen quite a few notches in our esteem.

Atta girl Kangana! Keep doing what you do, and being who you are, we need many more like you in the industry!! No, the world!