Published On : Sat, Nov 21st, 2015

Why so disillusioned, Mr. Ex-Mayor Sole?


In all the positive vibes about Nagpur and its growth as a smart city that can one feel with the participants of the Global Nagpur Summit, there was one important Nagpur official who didn’t seem so gung ho about the city’s prospects.

“Yes, they want to give, they are very enthusiastic and full of ideas, but are we ready to take?” Mr. Sole asked in conversation with the undersigned.

For a city to develop industrially and as a commercial, growing hub, we need a lot of young entrepreneurs to come forward and grab at the opportunities.

“But where are these youngsters of our city?” Then Sole answered his own question saying ” they have all gone to cushy jobs in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Delhi and even abroad.”

Two minutes later, I happened to meet Akshay Sancheti, the young son of Ajay Sancheti who has just come to Nagpur to join his father’s business’.

“How many of your young friends have remained in Nagpur?” I asked.

“I got my education in Karnataka, I have come back to Nagpur to work as have many of my friends” he said.

So look Sole Saheb ( and other cynical politicians of Nagpur) – Nagpur youth are waiting and eager, are you, the local bodies governing the city, the city fathers, and city representatives equally eager and ready to turn Nagpur around. At least you bothered to turn up today – where was the rest of the team?

Please give Nagpur a chance! Please do not turn a blind eye to glaring illegalities like the establishments that have crept up on PKV land under your noses dismissing it as a matter between ” the government and the High courts”.

If this opportunity too passes by Nagpur, posterity will not forgive you.

As Priya pankaj of the British High Commision”s office said ” Mumbai and Pune etc are saturated Why is Nagpur lagging behind?” We are here to find out.

..Sunita Mudaliar