Published On : Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Why should you register your marriage online?

Marriage registrations are a large part of a wedding. Although registering a marriage is not a mandatory requirement in the country, it is treated like the most important thing that one has to handle. They are essential when you are changing your name to match that of your husbands since this is the easiest form of documentation that you could provide. It also makes visa approvals and other such documentation a lot easier. Without a marriage registration, gathering enough documentation to change your name would be a nightmare.

What is the process of a marriage registration?

In India, there are two Acts under which a marriage can be registered, the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act, which are both irrespective of how the religious ceremonies are organized. All marriages that do not comprise both parties being Hindu usually fall under the Special Marriage Act.

Although both the registration processes are primarily the same, a marriage registered under the Hindu Marriage Act usually takes about 30 days to process, while the other takes any time between 45 to 60 days. There are times when these registrations have taken even longer depending on the number of people who have already applied.

Finally, both the registrations can be handled offline but now there is an online process as well. The major differences between the two are that the online process can be handled from the comfort of your house.

How does one register their marriage?

There are two ways of registering a marriage, one is through the office. This means you would have to make multiple trips to gather the forms and the supporting documents. You would then have to collect the right documents and head back to the office to submit them. They would process everything at their end and get back to you if there is anything else needed. This involves clearing your schedule and making the time to travel since the office might not be based right next door.

The second option is handling the marriage registration online. Log on to a marriage registration website and add in your details. They would give you a list of applications that have to be filled out and the supporting documents to upload. After gathering these, you have to upload them to the site, and would be told about the processing time. You then receive a confirmation email and would either have to head to the office to collect it or it would be couriered to you depending on the terms of the website.

The latter is a lot more convenient since you can handle it at your own convenience. You also save on the trouble of heading somewhere else to get it done. If you have a wedding on the horizon, register your marriage now at

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