Published On : Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

Why do we need a Women’s Day to recognize their valuable entity?

Womens DayNagpur: Every day should be Women’s Day since their contribution in our lives is valuable and immeasurable. Yet we need a Women’s Day to acknowledge the valuable role they play in society and in our lives.

Random acts of kindness I witnessed today

In the first incident, an auto-rickshaw came and stood in Variety Talkies Square. It was a sharing auto where at least 4-5 passengers were seated. Three girls in school uniform alighted from the auto-rickshaw at Variety Square. The girls probably sat in the auto-rickshaw near Ambazhari Lake area. It would cost around Rs 20 per head so the girls gave Rs 60/- to the auto-rickshaw driver. The auto-rickshaw driver simply asked if the girls were going to appear in examination and when they nodded their heads in affirmative, the auto-rickshaw driver simply refused to accept the money saying “Ja Baal, Changlyani Pariksha lihi” (Go child, write the exams well) and simply drove away.

In the second incident, a visually impaired old lady who had probably lost her cane was trying to maneuver and cross the road at Rani Zhansi Square, was waving her hands wildly in front to prevent her crashing into some object. Suddenly a youth on a super-bike reached the square. Almost all the young guys were looking at the young guy and his super-bike with envy. When the youth saw the visually impaired old-lady trying to cross the road, he simply removed his helmet, switched off the ignition and after putting the vehicle on side-stand simply walked to the lady, caught hold of her arms and helped her cross the road. He never bothered about the dirt and shabbily dressed woman or his image, he simply performed the “Random act of kindness” at the square. Those who were looking at the bike with envy now were envious of his nobility too.

Almost every day, we see many examples of men according respect and honour to women. Yes! There are lecherous men, violent and cruel men who hit their wives, men who abuse women for their lust, yet one cannot make a blanket statement about all men being bad.

In another case, the cops of a police station in the city found a woman crying and searching for her husband desperately. When the cops asked her what happened, the woman said that she came from a mofussil village close to Nagpur in search of her husband who had come to Nagpur for a job and had not returned for a long time. The hapless woman claimed that she did locate her husband but he had brought her to Sitabuldi area claiming to take her to his house and deserted her in the crowd and disappeared. The cops displayed compassion for the woman and brought her to the police station where she was fed, given tea, kept safely with two woman police constables and then escorted by the lady cops back to her home-town.

In another incident, a bus conductor alighted from the bus to help a pregnant lady get into the bus. The conductor then got a seat vacated for the pregnant lady. Why did the bus conductor do all this? Did he see a pregnant sister or a daughter in that woman? Probably, yes!

In another incident, an old lady was walking on the road from University Library square towards Alankar Square with a bag full of grocery. In fact the woman had no money to travel in a bus since she had exhausted the money on grocery itself. Another well-dressed young man who in all probability could be working as a Sales Executive or a Manager of some firm since he was dressed in a formal attire with tie. He stopped his motorcycle, asked the old-lady in the local dialect of Marathi where she was going, the old lady said that she is going to Ambazhari area where she lives. The young man said that he was going to Shankar Nagar Square and can drop her there. He helped the old lady get on the motorcycle and went toward Shankar Nagar Square. I don’t know, what the young man thought, he went ahead and dropped the old lady near her house and returned all the way back to Shankar Nagar Square to go toward Law College Square. Did the young man see a mother, grandmother in the old lady? Probably, yes!

These are random acts of kindness which should be emulated by every person. These random acts of kindness go a long way. It gives the performer immense satisfaction, peace of mind and of course blessing of God Almighty.

We do not know nor can we comment on women in foreign countries, but Indian women is an epitome of kindness, in-born with maternal instincts, hard-working, loving and one can keep going on and on for the list is never ending.

Why can’t men of our society ensure that every women in our society is taken care of, their safety and security is ensured, fighting for the rights of women, coming forward to defend a woman being ill-treated, humiliated or beaten-up.

By Samuel Gunasekharan