Published On : Sat, Nov 14th, 2015

Who are going to be voters of Local Self-Governing Body Constituency?

Dilemma prevails until notification is issued by state election commission.

Nagpur: The election for Maharashtra State Legislative Council member’s post from Nagpur based local self-governing body constituency is due in December 2015. But in this election, the nominated members of Nagar Parishads are again likely to remain deprived of voting. However, the members of Nagpur Municipal Corporation will be eligible to cast their votes. As the decision of the state election commission is being awaited, this intimation has been passed on by former NMC standing committee chairman and NIT trustee, Ramesh Shingare.

Though the state election commission is yet to issue its directives, it is also under consideration that the newly elected members of Nagar Panchayats should be given rights to vote for MLC. During last election, there were 440 voters from urban and rural belts. Now, 2 Nagar Panchayats of Mouda and Mahadula, and 2 Nagar Parishads of Kanhan and Wadi have been created. Thereby the voters have increased to 531.

Nagpur Municipal Council has 150 corporators (Nagar Sewaks) as voters, and remaining 381 voters belong to Zilla Parishad, Panchayati Samiti Chairmen and Nagar Parishads. The proportionate representations indicate that the rural belts will dominate the strength of voters. It is also being considered whether the nominated members of Nagar Parishads should again be disallowed to vote for MLC. If this  proposal is accepted, 29 nominated members will be cut off from voters.

Fresh elections in Nagar Panchayats of Hingna, Kuhi and Bhivapur have just been completed, and there by in all 51 Nagar Sewaks are elected. The elections municipal (Nagar) presidents and standing committee chairmen are yet to be held. If these newly elected 51 members are allowed voting right, the total voters will increase by 51 votes. The total number of voters will be decided by the state election commission’s notification, which is awaited.

Meanwhile, the state election commission has sought information about voter I-cards, photo ID, etc, pertaining to all members of NMC, Zilla Parishads and Nagar Parishads. At present, only presidents of Panchayat Samitis have right to vote in local self-governing body constituency while their members do not enjoy that right to vote.

It is being questioned by Panchayat Samitis’ elected members as to why the right to vote is being denied to those members who are rightfully elected by voters in thousands of number. These members have demanded right to vote to provide justice to rural voters. Their just demand is accepted or not will be clear only after the notification of election commission is issued.