Published On : Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

“Where there’s a will…”: Once a stinking, scary spot, this by-lane in Dharampeth is now a beauty!

Nagpur: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” they say. A group of citizens proved the saying true in every sense of the word. And young boys and girls of an organisation extended an artistic hand in their endeavour.

Dharampeth locality in the Second Capital City of Nagpur in known as a posh and shining one. But a by-lane, or say galli, just behind Sudama Talkies was an exception. It was a stigma of a kind to the posh locality. The by-lane was riddled with stinking garbage, filth and a den for drunkards in the night. With these exceptional ‘qualities,’ the galli was out of bound for the decent residents. However, the by-lane transformed into a beauty. It got an envious facelift. Thanks to the determined measures initiated by Civic Action Group (CAG) formed by the residents of this locality. A jewel in the galli’s crown was provided by the young activists of I-Clean’s Nagpur team with artistic and colourful hand.

The by-lane just behind Sudama Talkies in Dharampeth was scrupulously avoided by the residents since the past 20-25 years. One of the corners of this galli was a ‘favourite’ spot for dumping garbage and waste. With this dump, the spot had become a sewage. Soon the sewage spread to rest of the by-lane. As the galli lacked streetlights, it turned out to be ‘paradise’ for drunkards and criminals. Purchase liquor from nearby shop and enjoy it at the secluded galli was a routine. Urination, bloody brawls, dumping garbage came along. The resultant stinking made life of the residents miserable. The by-lane got more and more narrowed with encroachments and parking of anti-social elements.

But now, everything has changed, for better. The citizens-formed Civic Action Group (CAG) decided to transform the galli into a decent spot. The CAG first ensured streetlights are installed in the dark by-lane to curb havoc of drunkards and other goons. Next, with the help of NMC authorities, the encroachments were thrown out. On Sunday, the residents embarked on ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’ and turned the entire galli clean. Breathing is now easy in true sense with the riddance of stinking filth. And to provide icing on the cake, boys and girls of I-Clean’s Nagpur team beautified the compound walls and other parts of the by-lane with colourful arts. Today, the galli has assumed the form of a beauty.

Patrolling in nights:

One of the members of CAG said that they would not just stop by turning the galli beautiful. Night patrolling will also be done to curb anti-social elements. Help of police will also be taken in this endeavour. Those dumping garbage would be fined Rs 1000 in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations, the CAG member stated.