Published On : Fri, Oct 21st, 2016

When Modi’s rebuke sent corrupt Union minister in tears!

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File Photo


New Delhi/Nagpur: Fire brand Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been known for his strict stance of black money and corruption. And when the case in question is related to one of his senior ministers, it is but natural for him to lose his cool. However this time Modi made his displeasure to the minister so evident that said minister burst into tears within no time.

The senion Union Minister of State was alleged with misappropriation of funds and bribery. The Intelligence Bureau had provided documentary evidence to the Prime Minister.

It is believed that the said Union Minister began shivering and crying when the PM reprimanded him. Unmoved, the PM is believed to have warned him that his wife should not interfere in government matters.

As a compromise, the minister agreed to terminate the services of his first personal assistant who is said to be the main conduit between his wife and the chiefs of the public sector undertakings.

Fear and gloom now looms large as news of the minister’s takedown spread among not just other ministers, but their wives too.