Published On : Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

When childhood sweethearts Gayatri and Kiran Kumar tied the knot

Nagpur Today.

Gayatri, daughter of Manjari and Manoj Dalvi and Kiran, son of Jyoti and Prakash Aanchalwar have grown up together since their respective dads were close friends. They have together attended many weddings of each other’s family. Somewhere along the way, they decided to marry each other!

Their overjoyed parents gave them a fairy tale wedding that will be a memorable event for all who attended.

It was a Bollywood style wedding party that went on for 4 days. From Mehendi and Sangeet in Bhonsle farms in Surabardi to wedding and reception in Telenkhedi garden of Civil lines… every event was well orchestrated and enjoyable.

At the wedding over 2500 invitees, many of them businessmen friends and colleagues of bride and bridegroom’s parents, gathered to bless the couple.

Catering for this huge event was undertaken by ‘Balsamic’ caterers run by Babloo Naidu of Mohan nagar. Decoration was by Shende Decorators.

Many relatives of Manoj and Manjari had travelled from Pune, Mumbai and Kopargaon to attend the wedding.

The ‘Mughlai style’ Telenkhedi garden was looking more beautiful and colourful than ever before.

Weather was clement too, with the imminent ‘cold wave’ postponing its Nagpur visit to let this party go on…

Wanjari and Manoj Dalvi


Srishti Shukla and Bhagyashree Sharma


Seema and Ateeba Khan


Neha Rathi and Ekta Chawala


Komal and Rohan Jain


Dheeraj and Aanya Tutheja


Sagar and Jyoti Thutheja


Mrs. & Mr. Tuli


Ujwal Dalvi and Bhaskar Mudlair


Sonaal Jaiswal and Sachin Jaiswal


Bharat, Nitin, Raj, Shoaib


Abhishekh Jaiswal and Bulbul Ahemad


Amar Donge, Dipen Modi, Ravi Ranjan


Nutan, Sadhna and Nirmala


Saurabh Anchalwar and Friends


By Farhan Kazi 
Pics by Kunal Lakhotia