Published On : Sat, Sep 1st, 2012

Students or Chain-Snatchers – Special Story.

Since the past few years, college students and literate youth in the city are involving in chain-snatching and thievery in broad daylight. Women of Nagpur are now afraid to go on their morning and evening walks or even shopping. In the Hindu religion, the Mangalsutra holds high importance. Women adorn themselves with expensive Mangalsutras, noticing the jewellery, goons and thieves start following them. Unaware, the women carry on with their activities. Looking at the well dressed youth, one can never guess their actual intentions. Then in one clean swipe, the chains, mangalsutras, pendants, etc. are whisked away. Then the innocent women are left with nothing but remorse. If compared to the past few years, chain snatching incidents these days are on a steady rise, causing fear in the minds of citizens. Sometimes the police successfully catch a few gangs and people involved in these incidents; but then they take a back-seat after which these incidents again come to light. Almost daily, chain-snatching incidents are being reported. According to reports, most chain snatchers are from colleges and belong from well to do families. It is a matter of grave concern as to why these students belonging from good families enter into these daring anti social activities.

Police Inspector Madhav Giri feels that college students these days are into a lot of bad habits. These habits involve funding. Pocket money given by their parents don