Published On : Wed, Jun 21st, 2023
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What is total betting, and how does it work in different sports disciplines?


In bookmakers’ offices, bets on the total are in second place in popularity among bets on the team’s victory or a draw. Total in betting is a game indicator, which the bookmaker’s office sets. The bettor needs to determine whether the participants will exceed this value or stop in front of it. 

Usually, bets on Ekbet are made on the number of goals scored, pucks sent into the goal, and points scored, but there are other indicators: corners, yellow cards, and disqualifications. Consider sports betting, what is the total in betting, what types of bets exist, when to bet on the total and what features of bets depend on the sport.

What is the total in betting?

Total in betting is a bet on the total result of the match (meeting), represented by the number of goals scored – in soccer and goals scored – in hockey, games played – in tennis, and points scored – in basketball. Also popular are totals on corners, aces, etc.


When betting on the total, it does not matter which side will win or lose; predicting the game’s final score on the selected indicator is essential—denoted by a total or fractional number.

When to bet on the total?

Many people are interested in how to bet on the total and when it should be done. The rules remain the same as in other types of sports betting. Players should give preference to “tops” (scoring a lot) or “bottoms” (achieving little). Constantly follow the trends, news and events of a particular sport. For example, a team with a new soccer coach begins to play open soccer; hence, you can consider betting on the total more in its games. Or the opposite situation – the club has lost strong forwards (due to injury, sale). That is, in the next meetings of the team, it makes sense to apply the total less.

Profit for a long distance can be ensured only through the correct approach to betting on totals, which includes a competent selection of championships, selection of teams, search for matches, and analysis of past games of teams or individual athletes. Below are some professional bettors’ practices for betting on the total.

Choice of Championships

For betting on total more, you have to choose the high-scoring leagues and for total less – the low-scoring championships. But it only sometimes works. After all, you can go against the statistics, making it possible to find the jackpot bets. As foreign practice shows, bookmakers are guided by statistics from previous seasons, because of which it is possible to find favourable odds. For example, if the league performance in recent seasons is increasing, it is appropriate to bet on the total more because the odds are overvalued. It is also no secret that the finals of any team game generally show few goals because the opponents play carefully and take care of the safety of their goal.

Bets on the total in soccer

Traditionally, the soccer total is denoted as 2.5 goals. Bettors also bet on the individual capacity of lineups, on the total of the first or second half. In particular, you can bet on whether the total game will be even / odd. There are even bets on the total minutes to score goals.


  • Availability of marquees in all world bookmakers;
  • A wide choice of markets;
  • A broad base of statistics for the analysis of bets.

The disadvantages should include overestimating the probability of betting the total more because players subconsciously expect and want to see goals scored.

Bets on the total in basketball

Betting on the total in basketball is quite interesting. There are categories of bettors who bet only on it in basketball. In this case, it is not particularly important to know the chances of teams to win; it is enough to understand that both clubs will play open basketball and go into quick attacks, which will all affect the performance.

Basketball bets on the total can be a total match, total 1/2, total 1/4, individual team total in a game, half or quarter, total maximum resultant quarter, etc.

Many bookmaker’s offices take bets on the individual total of players, not only on the total points but also on the total of interceptions, infractions, assists and rebounds. There are also total totals. The total of all basketball players can add up. 


  • A rich line of totals from bookmakers;
  • four quarters, you can even bet on the totals of each of them;
  • A huge database of statistical data.

Bets on the total in hockey.

In hockey, there are a lot of statistics, so more bets on the total are offered. In addition to the usual (total match, total periods, etc.), bettors bet on the total penalty minutes of the team or in the match, the total shots on goal and much more. In addition, betting on individual athlete totals and total player totals is allowed.


  • The abundance of totals;
  • no matter who comes out the winner;
  • high efficiency.


  • Overestimation of the betting total more;
  • Difficult to analyze hockey lineups because the game involves 20 hockey players on each side.

Bets on the tennis total

For tennis, bookmakers often offer to guess the number of games and sets. It is necessary to take into account the format of the tennis championship because at major competitions, to triumph, it is required to take not two but three games.


  • Live play is available: a vast number of bets on the totals throughout the match;
  • Variety: totals on games, sets, and total match totals.


  • A participant who wins more games in tennis can quickly lose the match;
  • A player can get caught up in emotions, which can cause him to make a lot of unnecessary bets.


Before betting on the total, studying the type of sports discipline, the statistics of past games, the team’s potential, the players’ form, and the match’s importance is necessary. The more profound will be the analysis of the upcoming event, the higher the probability of objectively assessing the situation and accurately predicting the result.