Published On : Wed, Feb 26th, 2020

Water pipeline bursts in Sakkardara, part of road caves in

Nagpur: The continuous digging and cementing road in the name of development resulted into pathetic scenario on Wednesday when one of these digging machines damaged a major water supply pipeline in Sakkardara, leaving the area around completely flooded with water.

In no time the water, continuously burst out of the pipe and turned into pool of water. The situation turned worst after a part of road caved in, posing severe threat to both locals and commuters.

The incident has again exposed the sloppy work being carried out right under the nose of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. Meanwhile, the scene witnessed complete chaos as it brought traffic disruption around Sakkardara Lake vicinity. The commuters already face inconvenience daily due to the construction work and adding to their woes the pipeline burst made their situation worse.