Published On : Fri, Aug 12th, 2016

Water from Cool Jars can be life threatening

• FDA and BIS shun penal action
• No Certification
• No raids or swift actions
• Cans filled with waters of no standards

Cool Water Jar
Cool cans have made a niche for itself in many important places in the city. In the absence of awareness, the reach for such cool cans is increasing every day. However, people are not aware that the water filled in these Cool Jars is not of good quality or of any standard. No one can be blamed for any problems caused by the water provided in the Cool Jars.

There seems to be no standards or certification ascertained by anybody before enjoying cool water from the seemingly cool looking Jars. Sources claimed that some unscrupulous people are filling cooled water acquired from Borewell and wells into these jars.

One can see these Cool Jars in Hotels, Caterers, Shops, Offices, Doctors’ waiting rooms, Hospitals etc. However, nobody seems to realize that the consuming water from these cool jars could result in fatalities. One would be surprised to note that no Government agency or Office has any knowledge of who is manufacturing these cool jars, who is filling the water, or whether the water is treated and made potable for consumption.

There are many kinds of licence required for packaged drinking water (sealed drinking water). The manufacturer has to acquire an ISI mark. One has to get the water investigated in laboratories. At any point of time officials of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could lift any packaged drinking water bottle from anywhere in the market and test the water in their laboratories.

The FDA could also take the water sample, get it tested and if found contaminated, they could take action against the owner and seal the factory where the water is packaged. The FDA can take this action because they have the details of the name of the person involved in packing water, the location and address of the factory etc.

However, no one knows who the manufacturer of these cool jars. No one knows if the standards, rules and regulations are followed while filing the water in these cans.

None of the Government agencies like BIS, FDA, DIC or Mahavitaran have any knowledge of the filling plant of these Cool Jars. That simply means that this plant runs in an anonymous manner and some unscrupulous elements are filling cooled water into jars and selling them.

Not one registered company yet huge reach
It has also been revealed through RTI that not one company exists in the city nor in the district that makes these Cool Packs. Neither BIS or FDA nor DIC have any knowledge of the existence of such a company.

When no government agency has any knowledge of the existence of any company, how and where are these Cool Packs supplied to shops, offices, hospitals etc. Neither FDA nor BIS has taken any action against these suppliers.

Scores of companies exist in Google
While the government agencies deny knowledge of the existence of any Cool Pack company, one can see names, addresses and phone numbers of scores of companies on Google. According to sources, this business is thriving only because of nexus with many government agencies. One can see many cans transported in mini-transport vehicles, yet the related department has chosen to turn a blind eye to this thriving business.

Huge loss to genuine business
While these unscrupulous elements are selling this Cool water in Cool Packs without any licence, approvals or adhering to rules and regulations, those companies which are actually selling packed drinking water have to pay huge sums in terms of licence fee, lab charges, water bills on commercial rate etc. Presently there are as many as 130 licenced companies selling packed drinking water. They have to pay Rs 92,000 per annum and Laboratory fees to the tune of Rs 40,000 per annum which the cool pack companies save.

Absolutely illegal
While speaking to media personnel, BIS Chief in Nagpur R P Mishra said that it is absolutely illegal since these cool jars are not sealed, they do not need any licence. This also means that BIS cannot investigate into that. He added that this could lead to fatal health problems among masses.