WATCH When Mah CM stands in queue for dinner with police personnel in Nagpur

Nagpur: CM Devendra Fadnavis on Friday night visits, meets, interacted and had dinner with the police personnel from all over Maharashtra at Police Camp at RPTS in Nagpur being set up for the ongoing Monsoon Session.

Yogesh Thakur greets CM at this function and API Valmik Rokde speaks on behalf of policemen. Police from almost 15 districts are in Nagpur for this #MonsoonSession . Pick up van, on duty food, on call ambulance service are made available for them apart from camping facilities!

Since this is the first Monsoon Session in Nagpur after 1971, Police Dept planned and prepared for the security arrangements likewise.

Total 1160 policemen are residing at RPTS, Nagpur.

CM Devendra Fadnavis appreciated all policemen for the excellent job they are doing and spoke on numerous efforts for policemen by State Govt, like construction of for 50,000 new police houses has began, ₹208 crore provision made towards the interest of the loan for own houses and many welfare schemes for policemen & their families.

.. By Narendra Puri