Published On : Tue, Nov 29th, 2016

Watch Video: Nagpur Police Commissionerate to play perfect hosts to cops from other parts of the state during Winter Session-2016

Nagpur: The Nagpur Police to play perfect host to the police officials and police personnel who have been called to Nagpur city to maintain law and order and to man the bandobast duties during the Winter Session-2016.

In an informal meet, Commissioner of Police K Venketesham, Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Sharma and other senior police officials addressed the media personnel. He informed that during the Winter Session-2016, 80 Police Officers and 495 policemen (in all 567) of the Traffic Department are being deployed to maintain law and order (bandobast) duties.

Commissioner of Police K Venketesham informed the media personnel that based on the reviews and reports of last few years, this year, in order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay, he and Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi visited the living units etc.

He added that from his own staff, one officer of the rank of Additional Commissioner of Police, 22 Deputy Commissioners of Police, 33 Assistant Commissioners of Police, 6-15 Police Inspectors and Police Sub Inspectors and 5800 police personnel.


The police officials from outside Nagpur include one officer of the rank of Additional Commissioner of Police, 15 Deputy Commissioners of Police, 30 Assistant Commissioners of Police, 85 Police Inspectors, 345 Assistant Police Inspectors and Police Sub Inspectors and 2800 police personnel.

Apart from these police personnel, 8 companies of SRPF and 5 squads of QRT will also be made available.
CP K Venketesham added that this year there will be an optimum use of technology. Video Cameras, CCTVs, Body-Cameras etc will be put to use. Apart from that they intend to change the lens and use Drones to monitor morchas etc.
He claimed that this time, in order to ensure that the police personnel get warm food, five contractors are being given contract to supply food.

Till date, the police department has received permission for 20 Morchas. The big morchas include the OBC Morcha (December 8, 2016) and Maratha-Kunbi Morcha (December 14, 2016).

A notice has also been taken out by the city police department for the Winter Session-2016.
1. Diversion of vehicles from the Morcha Stopping Point:
i) Tekdi Road
ii) Morris College Square
iii) Road from SriMohini Complex to RBI Square
iv) Road in front of Residence of Principal of Hislop College
v) The Y-shaped junction near Liberty Talkies
vi) LIC Square.

The above 6 points have been identified and marked as Morcha Stopping Points.

2. Attempt to stop morchas or rally at a safe distance from Vidhan Sabha premises.
In order to ensure that the morchas or rallies do not go near the Vidhan Sabha premises, these morchas are stopped at a safe distance from the Vidhan Sabha. During the Winter Sessions, rallies are taken out by many political parties and social organizations. In order to ensure that the rallyists do not face any problems, a notice has been taken out to prevent parking of any Handcarts, Cycle-rickshaws, Auto-rickshaws, cars and other vehicles are not parked in these roads including MSEB to Liberty Talkies, RBI Square to LIC Square and Shrimohini Square to Jai Stamb Square, Railway Road to Manas Square to Ganesh Tekdi, Morris T-Point to Variety Square .
3. The other roads that are being blocked include Ramgiri to Office of Zone-II
4. Horse or Cattle-driven vehicles or carts will be banned entry.
5. Preventive action against all those who organize rallies or morchas.
6. There will be “No-Parking” on the following points.
i) Jawaharlal Nehru Marg (Munda Temple Road)
ii) Dr manohar Patwardhan Marg (Bawankar Road)
iii) KeshaoRao Buty Marg (Street touching Samart Studio)
iv) Vali Building Street (Touching Moon-light Studio)
v) Morris T-Point to Variety Square
7. Parking outside the Vidhan Sabha premises will also be banned.
8. All vehicles will be disallowed near the Vidhan Sabha premises.
9. Outside vehicles will not be allowed inside MLA Hostel premises