Published On : Fri, Aug 5th, 2016

Watch : Tisca Chopra reveals her interesting ‘casting couch’ experience!

The fact that behind the over-the-top drama and thrill of Indian cinema thrives the ugly reality of casting couch, is not hidden from anyone. Especially in Bollywood, there has been a long list of casting couch scandals. While some have made it to the limelight, others have been well preserved behind the tightly pressed rosy lips of many actors.

In the lamest of terms, casting couch is referred to an arrangement in which an opportunity (usually related to films) is bestowed upon a person in exchange for sexual favours. Some opine that casting couch has become a thing of the past but actress Tisca Chopra, in a recent session of ‘The Storytellers’ with Kommune India, narrated her casting couch experience and how she managed to escape from the “reptile’s” clutches.

Tisca revealed that the incident took place after she made her debut and didn’t have any other project in hand. So, when a well known producer-director called her up for a role, she readily agreed to take it up. Little did she know that doing a film with that “reptile” director meant being his “bed squeeze” for the entire duration of the film’s shoot. On the outdoor shoot of the said film, the “reptile” director called her in his room to “discuss the script.”

What happened next and how she avoided the mishap is hillarious, yet reveals the dark side of the glamour world.