Published On : Sat, Aug 27th, 2016

Watch heart warming video of young mother’s on stage performance with her little child!

Being a working mother comes with its own set of responsibilities! Upbringing little children along with staying true to her profession is quite a task for any mother. But some mothers perform it with such a precision that the world smiles with a pride on them. So here we have a young mother who is a dancer by profession. On her performance she takes her tiny tot to her shows and watch out, she doesn’t mind taking her on stage. So as she performs, the little baby just roams about the stage.

The baby runs, skips and, jumps along the follow through light, while the mother gracefully does her moves. At one point in the video, she can be seen stopping her baby as it nears the edge of the stage. But, the best part of the performance is when — she lifts the toddler and dances along with her. The baby is also seen imitating the mother on few instances, and that will totally melt your heart. In another heart-warming moment, the little one skits down from the mother’s back onto the floor from behind will might actually make you go aww.