Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Watch : Baba Sehgal pushes up rap for Trump!

India’s premier rap star (not being sarcastic) Baba Sehgal was the first of his kind to introduce hip-hop in India in the 90s. His chart topping hits include ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja’ and ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’ ( a remake of Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’).

You would think that Baba Sehgal would have faded into obscurity by now, like his other counterparts of Indipop. But thanks to the wonderful thing called the internet, Sehgal is still continuing legacy of fun lyrics mixed with upbeat rhymes with songs like ‘Chicken Fried Rice’ (with lyrics like ‘Life mein dalon spice, khao chicken fried rice’), ‘Aloo Paratha’ (Biwi Bulgarian, Kutta Pomerian, Aur Tu Cancerian’) and the very relatable ‘Mujhe Wifi Chahiyae – Internet Ka Sach’ on his Youtube channel.

The prolific rap star has also never shied away from sharing his lyrically profound thoughts about not-so -trivial things on Twitter:

But now, Sehgal finally decided to invest his lyrical genius in things that really matter — like the upcoming US Presidential Elections, and specifically in Republican Nominee Donald Trump.

A still from the song. Image courtesy: Via Youtube. A still from the song. Image courtesy: Via Youtube.

Sehgal explains his intention behind rapping about Trump in the song description: “Could not resist doing a track on Trump. This guy has something in him which puts him on top of the charts. He may or may not become the president of USA but his popularity, temperament and attitude has already won him millions of fans.”

The song has Sehgal singing lines like “Trump Ka Mania From Mumbai To Kenya, Bhaashan Sunney Chaley Uska Saare California” against the backdrop of various Trump rallies across different locations.

The rapper seems to be in awe of Trump’s race to the presidential throne, but we don’t know if he is actually rooting for Trump in real life.

The song has garnered more than 75,000 views since the day it has been put up on 26 August 2016. Sehgal tweeted out to the song directly to Trump saying: Sir, pls check out this soundtrack dedicated to you ( love frm India ) @realDonaldTrump😊
Will Trump respond to the tweet? Only time will tell.