Published On : Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Was it murder or suicide?

Pic-61Nagpur News.

Usually when aged people stay at home, they have many problems including adjusting with the family and keeping with the fast paced times. Often they are seen as hindrance.  However, many also are dumped or deserted by family members.  Some are killed for property too.

At around 7:30 pm, there was a huge crowd gathered at the bank of Shukrawari Lake (aka Gandhi Sagar Lake). Closer inspection revealed that the dead body of a 65-70 year-old lady had been fished out. The dead body was fished out by a swimmer who is always summoned whenever there is suicide in the Lake named Jagdish Khare. The cops at the location PSI Patil, PC Bharat Ghadpade, Woman Police Constable Chitra and Head Constable Dharamdas Dhivrade were performing the panchanama.

The cops at the scene told Nagpur Today that the old lady seems to be a widow, since there was no Mangalsutra, no ear-rings and no Sindoor on the parting of the hair.

Just when the Nagpur Today started to go near her vehicle, two young boys came to her and said that we do not want to get into hassles of becoming eye-witnesses of a crime. The cops, the courts and finally the accused may hassle us. However, we just want to inform you that we were eating noodles from the Chinese food vendor situated at the bank of the lake. We noticed that two young boys aged about 25 to 28 were taking the lady forcibly telling that let us go to take darshan of the Devi in the temple situated at the bank of Shukravari Lake. However, after the darshan, the two boys took the lady to the bank of the lake and pushed her into it. The lady could never realize what happened to her.

After the panchanama, the dead-body of the lake was take to Government Medical College and Hospital for Post Mortem.