Published On : Sat, Apr 25th, 2020

Human Touch : Wardhaman Nagar siblings feeding stray dogs

Nagpur: The stray dogs who usually rely on leftovers from house and restaurants to feed themselves, are left starving amid pandemic crisis. Following their agony, Wardhaman Nagar based siblings, Yash and Hansika Jhawar came forward and are doing social work for street dogs by feeding them.

“We not only love dogs but we also share affection towards them. So, we took an initiative to feed the stray dogs in our area so that they don’t die out of hunger,” says Jhawar siblings.

“First we started feeding seven to eight dogs with biscuits, then when we saw the number of dogs increasing day by day we then decided to provide a proper meal to them. Now we provide them with curd-rice and pedigree. We feed around 50-60 dogs per day right from the lockdown period,” says Hansika.

“Our work was really appreciated by the locals in our area so we even got some funding from them.
We wish to get more support in future so that we can feed all the dogs in the city and not only one area in particular,” says Yash.

For contribution you can Google pay or paytm on 9923664936.