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    Published On : Tue, Oct 13th, 2015

    Wanna Sport Tattoo? Check out these things before getting inked!

    beautiful-tattoo-girls-wallpaperThere is nothing more upsetting than getting a tattoo that does not represent you or what you think. A recent study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio states that 79% of people regret their first tattoo because they don’t put much thought into it or don’t think it through before getting inked for the first time. And you definitely don’t want to be like one of the samples of the study . So, here are a few things that you should keep in mind before getting inked.

    Avoid getting your lover’s name inked

    You might be madly and truly in love with your partner but it’s still not enough to get their names inked. Studies show that names of lovers are the most covered up and common of tattoo mistakes. There are other ways to show your love that will not make you regret in future. Think about it!

    Check spellings and meaning of words before getting inked

    If you want to get words, lines from your favourite poem or book inked on your body, then double-check the spellings before you get the tattoo. A tattoo with a wrong spelling is a disaster. Get the right spelling and meaning of the word from a dictionary and do not rely on the internet.

    Do you want to grow old with the design

    This is the question that you should ask yourself before you get a tattoo. Imagine getting a Mickey Mouse tattoo now that would make you the butt of all jokes in your later years. So, let Steamboat Willie take the place of pride in your memories but not on your body.

    If uncertain, go for a spot that’s not visible to you

    This is the best method to avoid deep regret and lose your sleep at night. If you aren’t absolutely sure about the design you have picked but on the other hand, you really want to get inked, then select a spot in your body that is not visible to you at once. For example, the nape, the back or the shoulder blade, are the best places to get a tattoo on when you aren’t very sure.

    Don’t be impulsive

    It’s not the right place to show your spontaneity. You should spend considerable amount of time on deciding the placement, colour and size. Visit websites and talk to artists if you want to enlarge a design that looks better when small. You can also discuss your ideas with your friends and get a feedback.

    Research about the symbols or tribal tattoos that have you fixated

    While a design might look very alluring and eye-catching but it might not mean what you think it means. At times, the same symbol holds different meanings in different cultures. It is always advisable to find out the one that represents you the best. The same goes with tribal tattoos. Talk to experts and scholars who have dealt with such scripts and can give you accurate knowledge about the same.

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