Published On : Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

VTA requests State Govt to make provisions to ease problems faced by unit holders in renewal of NIT leased plots

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Nagpur: Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) from time to time under its various development schemes has leased plots under relevant provisions of Nagpur Improvement Trust Act, 1936 having usage as per Development Plan (DP) of the Nagpur City and the lease being perpetual is to be renewed by NIT on application from the lessees.

However on expiry of such lease, unit holders on such plot or family with too many legal heirs or similar face many problems just to get lease of plot renewed from NIT, whereby many crucial work of the unit holders get delayed and complications arises.

Taking this issue in public interest Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA) has written to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Principal Secretary Urban Development Department (UDD) Dr. Nitin Kareer high lightening the problems faced with solution.

VTA also made various attempts to get appointment of NIT Chairman Dr. Deepak Mhaisekar so that matter be discussed along with Executive Engineer – Legal to arrive at some solution; however when unsuccessful in almost a month, memorandum was submitted in office inward of NIT.

J. P. Sharma, president of VTA said that normally if the Lessee of such plot is one, its renewal process becomes quite easy and the same is done as per procedure prescribed. However if it’s a joint family plot with many names then coordination amongst such family plays important role of its renewal and if there is any differences between the family members then renewal is extremely difficult. On the other hand major problems is being faced on plots which got developed into multi-storied apartments, many having commercial and workshops along with residential units and when lease deed of such plots gets expired, coordination amongst so many peoples becomes mission impossible.

Tejinder Singh Renu, secretary VTA said that when lease deed of such a plot with apartments gets expired, selling, mortgaging, obtaining loan on such apartment becomes impossible and this leads to unhealthy atmosphere in the apartment triggering various internal disputes at times leading to fights and police complaints. Admittedly NIT is more interested in its revenue to be generated out of such plots and apartments thereon; however with disputes such revenue also gets held up almost permanently.

To resolve such a situation, VTA submitted two way outs, which is by enlarge beneficial to both, NIT as well as lease holders (1) It is highly recommended is that the leased land should be made freehold on charging minimum possible one time fees, which is possible u/s 76 of the NIT Act, 1936. This is also recommended because NIT has developed the area and now Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is taking due care; therefore dual authority on same plot is not legitimate and (2) Till such provisions are passed and forwarded to Government of Maharashtra for approval, NIT can renew lease of the apartment plots & family leased plots by taking full revenue from the lessees. As NIT’s main purpose is revenue which can be fulfilled by charging due fees and the apartment owners be asked authorise any one owner as its President or Secretary to execute the lease deed. Mutation and other formalities can continue later as the same remains administrative duty.

VTA requests State Government & NIT to consider the same is public interest and do the needful as the same being in the lines of ease of doing business.