Violators beware! Nagpur traffic cops up in action in civil avatar!

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Nagpur: So next time you jump the red signals at busy traffic square, thinking that it’s unmanned, just ponder over your move again! You are being monitored by the traffic men in civil uniform. You might feel happy to break the signal but it may soon end up in a sad moment as there are strong chances you could get caught just a few meters away where the traffic men could greet you with a handy challan! Yes, this is the new strategy of traffic cops in Nagpur to keep an eye on those who have the habit of violating traffic rules.

As per the strategy, the traffic cops in civil dress are watching out for violators at the signals and if they find anyone jumping the signals or breaking any traffic rule they would alert their colleague in uniform, deployed just 100 to 200 metres away from the signals. The drive is named as ‘operation decoy’ which is being conducted by DCP (traffic) Rajtilak Roshan on the directives of City Police Commissioner Dr B K Upadhyay.

The tactic appears to have been yielding positive results too. The drive going on for the last two days in 8 zones resulted in 398 challans. Besides the signal jumpers, those driving on the wrong side have also been taken to task.

The drive has been launched at Wadi T-Point, 13 no. naka, Ganeshpeth bus stand, Shitla Mata Mandir, Udainagar Square, Bajaj Nagar square, Coca Cola square, police talao T-point, Nirmala Girls Hostel, Kannamwar square, telephone exchange square etc. During the drive, the handcart vendors blocking the traffic movement were also subjected to action.