Published On : Sat, May 31st, 2014

Villainous characters enact diabolical drama to capture house of three helpless women

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In a bizarre development, some villainous characters enacted a diabolical drama to grab house of three helpless women and displace them in a well-planned conspiracy. And the villainous characters including a top political leader, his cronies, land mafia, criminals and some businessmen, all eying the high-end property, succeeded in demolishing the house and displaced the helpless family of three women. The house belonged to Shobha Vijay Vishwakarma (56) who stays with her daughter Dolly Bhardwaj (36) and grand-daughter Vaishnavi Bhardwaj. Shobha underwent cataract surgery just three days and was finding it difficult to speak. Dolly’s husband passed away a few years ago and Vaishnavi is student of Class 12.


The high-voltage emotional but equally awful drama first started when a Demolition Squad of NMC descended near Kamal Chowk and started demolishing the house. However, the development triggered strong protest from the family of three women and some residents. Tension ran high and police too arrived at the spot. The NMC men said that they had received information about a house standing in precarious condition near Kamal Chowk that could collapse in rainy season. Hence the Demolition Squad reached the spot with a bulldozer and started demolishing the house. But they had to leave midway due to chaos at the spot.

However, the simple-looking demolition operation later turned out to be a well-planned conspiracy hatched by a leader of a big political party. The nexus between the political leader, land mafia, NMC, police, businessmen and their nefarious design got exposed when Dolly approached some social workers and sought their help in the matter. One of the social activists Dolly moved, Balasaheb Meshram, happens to be Central President of Bahujan Human Rights Organisation. Dolly and Meshram immediately called media and narrated the sequence of demolition of their house.

Prabhakar Yewale

Prabhakar Yewale

Dolly said, “My mother Shobha is residing in the house since past 40 years. I myself and my daughter Vaishnavi were born in this house. The political leader Prabhakar Yewale, belonging to a big party, resides adjacent to our house. Yewale was eying their high-end house since long and with the help of his cronies, land mafia, criminals and some businessmen frequently threatened us and put pressure on my mother to vacate and hand over the house to him. Yewale even spread a lie that he has purchased our house six years ago. But it is a blatant lie. If Yewale has really purchased our house, then why he has not occupied the house since the past six years. He should produce the documents which he has failed to do so. But now, after failing to grab our house by threats and coercion, Yewale is hatching conspiracies in order to lay his hands on our house,” Dolly told media with anger writ large on her face.
Dolly further said, “Yewale, with his influence, forced NMC to demolish our house on the pretext of precarious condition. The NMC men also, without any notice, started demolishing our house and eventually displaced us. We can’t stay in the damaged house but will not hand over it to Yewale at any cost. Yewale even had lodged a false complaint with Pachpaoli Police Station against me. The police too harassed me. They used to take me to police station in the morning and forced me to sit there till late evening without any reason. This happened for three days. Yewale and his henchmen threaten to kidnap my daughter if we did not hand over our house to him. Police are also helping him. Where should we go? Tell us,” asked Dolly with tears in her eyes.

Dolly’s mother Shobha said, “Yewale is spreading a lie about purchase of our house. If he has any documents, then they are duplicate documents. We never sold our house to Yewale. I underwent cataract surgery at Sachet Netra Rugnalaya of Dr Gedam just three days. I am totally helpless in moving anywhere. In this situation, the NMC men have demolished our house at the behest of Yewale. Now where should we go? Yewale has brought us on streets,” said the mother of Dolly.
Vaishnavi said, “I am terrified. They threaten to kidnap me. I am student. These people are harassing us and trying to snatch our house from us.”

Meanwhile, Yewale and his cronies held a meeting and offered Rs 3 lakh to Dolly. But she refused to accept the amount. Instead she demanded construction of her house.
When Nagpur Today Crime Reporter Ravikant Kamble talked to Prabhakar Yewale, he said, “All the charges leveled against me by the three women are baseless. I did not send NMC men nor lodged complaint with police. I have Registry documents of the house. I will go to court and take action according to law,” Yewale said.