Video: “Why are you defending a statue over people’s lives?” HC slams sanction authority


Nagpur: The Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court, on Wednesday, severely criticized the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) for its actions. The High Court questioned why the authority was prioritizing the defense of a statue over the well-being of citizens, especially when given numerous opportunities by the court.

The Solicitor General, Vidrendra Saraf, was present during today’s hearing. He informed the court that the government is planning to explore alternative solutions that do not harm the statue.


It is important to note that the area is designated as a No-Development Zone, and this status was allegedly a contributing factor to the flash floods of September 23, 2023.

Previously, the judges had criticized the top brass of the NMC after both officials confirmed that the Vivekananda statue was constructed in a ‘No-Development Zone’. They also instructed petitioner’s counsel, Tushar Mandlekar, to explore legal provisions for taking action against erring officers and recovering taxpayers’ money wasted on such projects.

Mandlekar also cited a survey report from VNIT stating that the culvert under the bridge in front of the Vivekananda Memorial was inadequate to handle excess water, contributing to last year’s flooding. He also pointed out that even the canal carrying water from Krazy Castle Amusement Park had its width reduced, leading to water accumulation in nearby residences.

With the arrival of the monsoon around the corner, the potential havoc this monsoon may cause and the cost citizens may have to bear due to the administration’s apathy, only time will tell.