Published On : Wed, Oct 14th, 2020

Video: Want to report crime? Call directly to Zone III DCP, Lohit Matani

Nagpur: If you’ve any confidential information which could have a bearing on law and order, crime, illicit breweries, gambling dens etc. in Zone III area, you can make a direct call to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone III, Lohit Matani.

The newly appointed Zone III DCP Lohit Matani, has offered his personal number as anti-crime helpline for citizens to convey him information regarding any anti-social and illegal activities.

Matani, an officer of the 2014 IPS batch, issued a video message putting his cell phone number (7028059687) as a helpline.

Matani conceptualized the helpline format to ensure stretching the information base into the public domain, thus breaking the age-old tradition of police informers and in-house intelligence networks.

Notably, people normally meet senior officers to air their grievances after failing to get justice in police stations.

Watch video here: