Published On : Fri, May 17th, 2019

Video : OCW explains journey of water to Nagpur households!

Nagpur: With the scorching heat fast evaporating water resources in Nagpur, supply of potable water has emerged as a big challenge for water supplying agency in the city. However they are efficiently coping up with the persisting situation through their well-planned strategy and preparedness. While we are aware that water resources are fast drying up in the wake of summer, what many do not know is how and where do we get water from? Well the answer may sound simple but the supply process is not that straight! The water covers a long journey before it pours down through your home taps.

To find out the answer and understand the water supply process in details Nagpur Today met Sachin Dravekar, Public Relations Officer at Orange City Water Works Limited (OCW), the company entrusted with the task of supplying water in Nagpur. Interacting with Nagpur Today at Gorewada water treatment plant, Dravekar detailed out the entire water supply procedure.

He said that the water is brought from Totladoh and collected in buffer dam at Navegaon Khairi. Then the stock is flowed into pressure tanks through pipelines and then sent to Gorewada treatment plant.

Check out this video to get an in-depth view of water supply process

In this interesting session, Dravekar also made a point to alert Nagpurians about the remaining water stock. He informed that at present the rivers and other bodies supplying water to the city have stock till June 10. If the monsoon fails to hit in time, the reserved quota of water will have to be pooled in and hence it is utmost important to use water judiciously avoiding its wastage, Dravekar stressed.

Reality Check
It is often said that next World War will be waged on water. Sensing the scenario, this appears to be true as well.
On one hand, water levels are depleting while on the other the demand is continuously rising with rising population and increasing industrialisation. In India, fights and quarrel over water are quite common.
In the past decade, awareness towards the precious natural wealth has been on the rise where efforts and campaigns are being run, urging people to conserve water, avoid wasting it, plant more trees to increase the ground water level.