Published On : Mon, Nov 19th, 2018

Video : Nagpur’s young minds continue fight against child trafficking

Nagpur: That young kids are being pushed into child labour is a passe! A notorious trend is alarmingly increasing in the region where children are being subjected to sexual exploitation and violence while a majority of them are even pushed into child trafficking.

Feeling the prick of the situation, two young minds – Yash Gorkhude and Barkha Patnaik stepped to lend a deep thought over it and thus formed Twinkle Foundation that works for rescuing the kids caught in any form of abuse including the trafficking.

Both Yash and Barkha then went on to form a team of young volunteers, aging between 16 yr to 22 yr who are working tirelessly to achieve the goal.

Till date Twinkle Foundation have successfully rescued 133 children from child trafficking. These children have been sent to child rehabilitation centers.

In an exclusive interaction with Nagpur Today, the duo opened up about their intent to pull the innocent lives out of the world of abuse and exploitation.

Countering any doubts on their efforts, Yash candidly quips, “People think we only distribute clothes, sweets and organized events but no! We are not made for this… we are here for the change.”

Reciprocating the equal thoughts Barkha said, “We are not scared about our lives we are concerned about children. We conduct rescue operation with the help of police and we have Sitabuldi Police Inspector Hemant Kharabe on our board of advisors, who is always ready to help us even in midnight also.”

Commenting on the sorry state of society Yash says, “Culprits are not only who sell children, but also those who seek such children. People sell them and damage their body parts and force them to beg.”

Citing a recent incident the duo revealed that a couple lives in ‘Patrakar Sahnivas’ had brought 13 year old girl as a maid and when they rescue that girl then they got to know that she was sold at Rs 20,000 and she was raped number of times by the owner. Many times she was molested and repeatedly made victim of domestic violence. She herself wanted to get out of that circle and as luck had it she met Barkha who took her to Police Inspector Hemant Kharabe.

When asked how should one know that any child is being taken for trafficking, Barkha told NT, “We have good observation skills.” Adding to Barkha’s point Yash said, “We are improving the same skills in our volunteers also.”
In the month of January ‘Twinkle Foundation’ is coming with 15 days event for childs and giving ‘Pankh’ award for inspirational stories.

Check out the video for details…

By Farhan Kazi