Published On : Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

Video: Mother Nature’s finest moment: Goat feeding milk to two helpless deer fawns

It was Mother Nature at one of Her finest moments. She sprang a miracle that put Nagpurians in awe.

The Maharajbagh Zoo in the city is hosting two little guests. Recently, two 1-month old fawns of deer were found abandoned by their mother in Etapalli jungles of Gadchiroli District. The helpless fawns, unable to feed themselves, were noticed by a team of Forest Department. The Forest men brought the fawns to Gorewada Rescue Centre in the city. But shockingly, the officials bluntly refused to admit the helpless fawns at the centre. Ultimately, they were given shelter in Maharajbagh Zoo.

The Zoo authorities welcomed the two fawns and started nursing them. But they were in dilemma as to how to feed the one-month old fawns. Here the Mother Nature stepped in and worked a wonder. The Zoo officials were struck with an idea and they arranged a she goat from Dairy Department.

Now, the she goat has turned mother to the helpless fawns and feeding them with her milk. The wonderful scene has become an attraction for visitors to Maharajbagh Zoo. A team of doctors is also doing its job to nurse and treat the fawns.