Published On : Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

Video: Humanitarian approach of Nashik cops save man who attempted suicide

Attempt Suicide
Indian police have often been depicted by Bollywood movies as personnel from the law-enforcement department which arrive at the crime spot after the crime has been committed. After reaching the spot too, they have so many procedures which they have to follow that often the victim breathes his or her last at the crime spot.
While displaying a rare humanitarian approach, the cops attached with the Nashik Police, dived after a man who tried to commit suicide by jumping into a canal and rescued him.

The incident occurred in Talkuteshwar area, where a man attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a canal. Since the Kumbh Mela is on, many policemen are deployed in the city to ensure that no untoward incident occurs. Some of the cops saw the man diving into the canal to commit suicide. While some cops ran to reach the canal from the bank, one cop displayed extraordinary bravery and jumped into the canal. The Talkuteshwar bridge is said to be at a height of 25 feet. The brave cop who jumped after the man committing suicide has been identified as Police Constable Manoj Barhate.

Soon many other on-lookers had gathered at the bank of the canal. The Police Constable swam to the man and brought him out. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

It is the act of such brave cops that make Maharashtra Police great. We salute such selfless act of bravery.