Published On : Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Video: All in a night! Rave Party, Raid, Medical of accused and Silence

Rave Party Raid
Nagpur: Raising questions on the accountability of Nagpur Police, it has been found out that the Jaripatka Police had conducted a raid on a farm house acting on a tip of a rave party but, the accused were released soon after an enquiry, suggests a viral video circulating in the town.

As informed by the sources, the Jaripatka police had conducted a raid in a farm house in the area. The police brought the youngsters present at the party to police station, conducted their medical tests and released them soon after. Conducted during night of Sunday to early Monday morning, information of the whole proceeding was kept concealed by the police.

The hidden truth came into the light, when a covertly captured video of the whole proceeding was made viral. The Jaripatka Police, earlier, kept on declining any such incident consistently. Nevertheless, although they confirmed the episode later, the police appeared hesitant about providing detailed information on the same. The approach of police on the entire episode, thus, remains cynic.

The accused were furtively released after the proceeding:
The Jaripatka police received a tip that a Rave party is being conducted in a farm house in Kamptee road. Following the lead, the police raided a farm house in Khadsa owned by a man named Vikram. As the sources informed, during the raid, several youngsters were found in inebriated condition. As soon as the police arrived at the spot, a rush was witnessed. The flamboyant and intoxicated party was organised by a Pardi based couple: Rohan and Ujjawala.

It is being rumoured that husband of a renowned woman officer of Nagpur was also present at the party, the name has, however, not been disclosed. As soon as the police forayed the spot, they started receiving calls for hushing up the matter by bigshots of the city. The cops, under tremendous pressure, had to release the culprits by registering merely a case of Abetment under section 110 and 117 of IPC. Later, the police kept numb on the matter.

This is how the matter unveiled:
An anonymously captured video of the entire episode was circulating in town for past three days. Nonetheless, when it reached a journalist, an investigation was carried out. The cops, in the beginning, refused of any such incident. However, when told about existence of the video, S.G. Khedekar, P.S.I., Jaripatka Police confessed the same.

“I received a lead that a few youngsters were causing nuisance in car, not of a rave party. Meanwhile, they were stopped by the police in Khasada and were taken into custody”, said Khedekar.

However, when asked about medical and raid, the officer, at first, appeared startled about the leak of information. Later, he confessed that a medical was conducted and the reports of it have come to be negative. “In our investigations we have found that it was not a rave party but a birthday party. The women there were present with their husbands”, he added.

Even after several calls, the officers from concerned police station gave no response.

When approached to comment on the matter, Commissioner of Police, Dr. K. Venkatesham said that the video will be strictly examined and just actions will be taken. He also informed that DCP Zone 5 Krishnakant Upadhyay is investigating the matter.