Published On : Thu, Jan 1st, 2015

‘Vidarbha Industries to get many clearances from Nagpur itself – no need to go to Mumbai’ says Subhash Desai

Shubhash Desai copy

In response to a meeting that the Industries Minister, Mr. Subhash Desai had with all Industries associations of Nagpur like Hingna MIA,
Butibobori Association – BMA, VIA and Federation of Association of Industries in Vidarbha (FIA) on 18 th December he has taken a decision to shift many decision making powers to officers based in Nagpur, so industrialists and businessmen dont have to keep rushing to Mumbai for every clearance; renewal of licenses and permissions.

“Nagpur will be parallel power centre having similar authority like Mumbai” conveyed Mr. Desai.  “Those working in industries will no more have to come here (Mumbai) to take permissions for any technical work,” he said.

Nagpur Today spoke to some Association Presidents regarding this move. Though they welcomed the intention of the Minister they said a lot still needs to be done to translate it into reality. Mr. Kiran Pachurkar, President of FIA, Vidarbha , said that as the situation stands today whichever Government of Maharashtra office that could not be accomodated in Mumbai was shifted to Pune . This happened for all sectors like Education, Agriculture, CREDAI and Registrations. Nagpur having the status of second capital is meaningless when everyone from Vidarbha has to go to Mumbai or Pune for every permission, said Mr. Pachurkar.

Captain Randhir, President of MIA, Hingna concurred.
“There are officers like the Joint Director of Industries, the Additional Chief Engineer ( for all Engg. works ) and Regional Officers of every department but the powers vested with them are very minimal. ” said Randhir. “Files still go to Mumbai. For instance for land allotments, the Regional Officer on paper has power to clear up to 5 acres but right now even for 500 feet the matter goes to the Minister’s office in Mumbai.”