Video: Vicky Kukreja to develop Nagpur as green city

Nagpur: Standing Committee Chairman Virendra (Vicky) Kukreja, the young turk has taken over the charge at such a time when the Nagpur Municipal corporation has been facing severe financial crisis. This has not detered him but infact he is fully prepared to fight against all odds. Vicky Kukreja who is supposed to be close to the Chief Minister, has been entrusted with a big responsibility as the party has full faith in him, looking to the forth coming general elections.

The challenges before Vicky Kukreja are great and he has made up his mind to meet them as the party has full faith in him. As he has taken over as the Chairman of Standing Committee the big responsibility of filling the coffers of NMC lies with him. To improve the economic condition of NMC he has been giving more stress on the tax collection. He is also paying more attention towards slum dwellers so that he can distribute them pattas for permanent housing as he being on Board of Trustees of NIT.

In a tete-a-tete with Nagpur Today’s Reporter Divyesh Dwivedi, he said, during his tenure laying more emphasis on “Sab Ka sath Sab Ka Vikas“ he wants to develop Nagpur as Green City. Vicky Kukreja explained in detail about plan chalked out of works to be undertaken.