Published On : Sat, Nov 13th, 2021

VHA Hails CPCB Clarification

CPCB Clarifies that no need of individual STP/ETP in Nagpur city

The hospitals in city were being repeatedly directed by MPCB officials regarding need of individual Effluent and sewerage treatment plant in hospitals. Many of the hospitals have already installed these costly plants under pressure of MPCB. Vidarbha Hospital Association had been repeatedly insisting that the existing rules does not ask for the same.

To clarify the matter, VHA legal advisor Dr. Pradeep Arora had sought information under RTI from Central Pollution Control Board wherein Shri. V. P Yadav, Add. Director & Head, Waste Management Division –l, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Govt. Of India vide his letter dated 12th November 2021 has clarified that as per the Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016 and amendments thereof, bedded Health care facilities(HCFs) are required to install Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), if wastewater generated from HCFs is not connected with City’s/Town’s public sewerage network leading to terminal STP. In case the waste effluent is connected with public sewer which leads to terminal Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), the healthcare facility does not require to install separate/individual Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Further, non-bedded Healthcare Facilities are required to only dispose infectious liquid wastes only after treatment by disinfection as per Schedule — Il (6) of the BMWM Rules, 2016 and need not to install separate ETP or STP.

Since Nagpur city has terminal STP, VHA has now written to MPCB Nagpur Regional Office to direct concerned officials to not trouble and pressurize all hospitals to either install individual ETP/STP or remit bank guarantee for the same.

The health care service providers of Nagpur have hailed this clarification from CPCB.