Published On : Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Uphaar victim’s mother: Don’t come to court if you want justice

New Delhi: Neelam Krishnamoorthy, an activist in the Uphaar tragedy case, who lost two children in the tragedy, says she is extremely disappointed with the verdict.

This is what she told NDTV:

Neelam Krishnamoorthy

“The message given out today is, don’t come to the court if you want justice. You will get justice only if the media or the public demand it. I should have shot them myself and served a life term. I’m very disappointed. There were 23 children who died and this is the justice they have been given.

“Nitish Katara’s killers have been given 25 years. This is the acchhe din that the government talks about? I’m sorry I don’t what this acchhe din.

“I committed a cardinal sin by coming to the court. This is just not done. Legally, I can still file a curative petition. But we have been been let down by the courts, so don’t know whether it is worth it.

“Who is responsible for this delay? The victims are not responsible? Sushil Ansal was not old when the tragedy occurred, it is not the victims’ fault that the courts took 20 years to deliver justice and now he is in his seventies. There is no justice in this country.”