Published On : Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014

Unwillingness to give hafta got Sagir Siddiqui murdered claim kin


  • Are Sitabuldi cops hiding facts?
  • Relatives of the victim demand CBI enquiry.
  • Relatives submit memorandum to CM demanding action against erring cops
Sagir Siddiqui

Sagir Siddiqui

Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as police high-handedness and irresponsible behavior that raises many doubts of the role of police officials of Sitabuldi Police Station, many facts are still pending investigation.

In a press conference held on Monday the December 22, 2014, the uncle of the deceased Sagir Ahmed Siddiqui, (who was killed in a shootout near Chief Minister’s residence in Dharampeth area of the city on December 8), Shafir Ahmed allegedly claimed that instead of investigating the main killers who had orchestrated the killing by giving Supari to some henchmen seem to be protecting the real culprits after receiving a hefty sum.

Shafir Ahmed has demanded an investigation by Central Bureau of Investigation or Central Investigation Department into the murder committed by conspiracy. Shafir Ahmed claimed that their family is running the business from 1960 and in the transport business from 1984in Ghughus.

sabhir ahmad brother and safir ahmad uncle
He alleged that since they have not been giving hafta to the police, the police officials have painted a poor picture of the family. He claimed that they are regular payers of income tax. Many attempts were made by the police to implicate them in crimes not committed by them at all.

He claimed that Sagir Ahmed Siddiqui alias Tunnu has been in the transport business for the last 5 years. However police has painted the image of Tunnu as a criminal. He claimed that the fact is that he had been stopping coal and sand mafia from illegal business. He had in fact complained to the Inspector General of Police and had helped in getting many people arrested too.

Shafir claimed that he (Tunnu) has been receiving threat calls for the past 2 months for not paying Hafta (protection money). He had also lodged a complaint regarding the threat calls to the police. The police had registered a case against one Sameer Yadav. However, Sameer is said to be absconding from that time.

Shafir claimed that had the police seriously investigated the case seriously and arrested Sameer, Sagir could still be alive today.

Shafir Ahmed claimed that the police had arrested four accused in the murder case. However, the main conspirator is somebody else. Shafir Ahmed alleged that the murder was a result of Sagir @ Tunnu fighting against coal and sand mafia. However, in-spite of pointing out the possible conspirators, the way the police is functioning clearly shows that they are not serious about the investigations or about nailing the real culprits. Having lost his trust on the police, Shafir Ahmed has demanded that the investigations be handled by CBI or CID.

Deceased Sagar Ahmed Siddiqui (extreme left) and two accused Shakti Manpiya and Zakir Pathan Khan.

Deceased Sagar Ahmed Siddiqui (extreme left) and two accused Shakti Manpiya and Zakir Pathan Khan.

Shafir claimed that the cash on Sagir @ Tunnu amounting to more than Rs one lakhs is missing so are the gold ornaments which weighed almost more than one kilogram (which Sagir wore always) and there is no mention of the recovery of the cash or gold ornaments in the murder case.

Shafir claimed that inspite of Shafir telling the Sitabuldi cops that Sameer Yadav is the main conspirator, the cops have not mentioned Sameer Yadav’s name in the FIR nor are they investigating him. The second conspirator who had threatened Sagir is identified as Laxman Sadlawar.

Shafir Ahmed claimed that a Sub-Divisional Police officer at Chandrapur has criminal association with many criminals and is involved as partner in many illegal activities like illegal sand mining and coal trade. He also alleged that he shield many criminals in Chandrapur area.