Published On : Fri, Mar 27th, 2020

Unsung Lockdown Warriors : NMC-OCW stay at work to provide safe drinking water

Nagpur: Amid Corona Virus scare across the city, there are many unsung heroes who are ensuring we stay indoors without any problem. They are the everyday heroes from Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Orange City Water (OCW) who work hard to ensure scheduled water supply to Nagpurians.

The NMC-OCW pressed 293 tankers and all the drivers into service and similar number of helpers too have been provided with masks to stay safe while providing water through tankers.

Rakesh a tanker driver from Pachpaoli, said, “We feel proud as we supply water to slums wherein there are no taps. We have been provided masks and other safety gears. We visit people’s home during lockdown to supply water so that they stay indoors,” he said as NMC-OCW provides water in many non-network areas through tankers.

Similar precautions are also being taken by 150-odd plant operators deployed at five water treatment plants – Gorewada (Pench-I, II, III), Kanhan WTP and Godhni WTP with safety masks etc.

In a bid to support social distancing as well as city lockdown in wake of Corona Virus epidemic, Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water (OCW) appealed consumers to prefer online payment of water bills. Next Cycle bills will be delivered on an average basis (no meter reading), stopped disconnection drive etc.

Ashwin from Nehru Nagar zone, who operates a valve from 4am to 12 noon at various places, said, “I ensure that I stay fit and fine so that I continue to play the vital role of supplying water to all Nagpurians.”

“Our responsibilities have increased as compared to normal working days. Even our seniors also encourage field teams especially supervisors and valve men. Amid coronavirus scare, we started feeling proud that we are real field soldiers who are supplying drinking water at Nagpur’s every tap,” he said while operating a valve by wearing safety gear like mask. He also carried a pass which mentioned that he is part of discharging essential services.

“Valve men play a vital role in the water supply system. Their day starts at 4am and continues till midnight as they operate around 182 valves across the city for smooth water supply to every household,” said an OCW spokesperson.

Even NMC-OCW zonal teams deployed for maintenance and leakage repairing works are working or remainign alert in resolving no-water or polluted water complaints of consumers.

Other heroes include those who monitor smooth functioning of main pipeline. They plug major leakages on pipeline and to clear technical snag at ESRs etc that develop during system operations, said the spokesperson. Even the NMC-OCW surveillance staff team who takes care of bulk water supply from field too remains on toes. The 100-odd security guards too are playing a vital role to keep all the premises safe and secure.

These all teams are handling and providing water supply at your taps under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe, NMC, SE Shweta Bannerji and OCW CEO, Sanjay Roy with one message “We Stayed at Work To Provide Clean and Safe Drinking water at your Taps. You stay at your home with family to keep The City & The Nation Safe.”