Published On : Mon, Jun 5th, 2017

Unsettled by blaring horns, blistering heat, horse smashes through car’s windshield in Jaipur

Horse, Jaipur, Car
It wasn’t one of those auto collisions that often make headlines. In a bizarre, and sad, accident in Jaipur, a horse rammed a car, penetrated through the windshield injuring itself and the driver of the vehicle.

The horse was on its way on Sunday afternoon when the blaring horns and blistering heat reportedly spooked the animal who made a dash and hit a car coming in the opposite direction. According to passersby, the horse lost its control and broke into the windshield of a car near Jaipur Club in Civil Lines.

Locals were soon joined by officials from the forest department to rescue the animal.

The horse remained stuck for at least 10 minutes before people rescued the horse and the driver. Locals were soon joined by officials from the forest department. The photos and videos of the accident that showed a horse stuck in the car and being pulled out of the vehicle were circulated on the social media. Both have sustained minor injuries.