Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Unqualified yet officiating PA in NMC dictates executive engineer

Despite the post of a PA to NMC commissioner, lying vacant for past twenty years, one Anil Patil claims himself to be the PA to NMC commissioner and dictates his term on NMC officials for his personal gains. Thanks to the blindness of administration!
It is worth mentioning here that the general administration department of NMC last month issued transfer-orders of certain NMC executive engineers and accordingly entrusted new responsibilities to them. The transferred EEs included city engineer Gaikwad (water supply), Talewar (city engineer), Warke (to replace Talewar), Neral (to replace Warke) and Kukreja (to replace Neral).

The repair and maintenance of NMC headquarters is taken care of by contractor Bhind, who is very influential, rather he dominates the NMC, and does all sorts of work, enjoying favours of all EEs concerned. Even unauthorizedly acting as PA, Anil Patil also keeps on extending his favours to contractor Bhind, it is all due to weak hold of NMC commissioner on the administration. Patil thus pressurized EE Neral asking him not to take charge of maintenance of headquarters from EE Warke and let the maintenance charge remain with EE Warke only. Receiving such directions from PA to NMC commissioner, stopping him (Neral) to execute his newly assigned duty, EE Neral became perplexed.

These days, contractor Bhind, being an all-rounder-in-work, has become so influential that no one has guts to oppose him. Thus he is enjoying in the NMC and also making Warke and Patil enjoy. On the other hand, EE Warke, on many occasions, has asked his junior engineer Sangewar to allot works to Bhind and not to point out any discrepancy in works of Bhind, and also clear his bills.

Similarly, a clerk, Rahul Gayaki, has been entrusted to handle the responsibility of a technical assistant in NMC headquarters over a couple of years though his initial appointment was made in PWD of NMC at the behest of a BJP leader.

Besides, the NMC office has become shelter for the men without work, and more than a dozen such people are found loitering around. Anil Patil and Kamlesh are so tactful in contraption that even Mayor is maintaining silence about them.

Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (