Published On : Tue, Nov 22nd, 2016

Underworld Don and Dreaded gangster greets newly elected MLC Parinay Fuke on his win

  • Don’s visit to Bhandara was the talk of Bhandara throughout the day
  • Firecrackers worth lakhs of rupees burst to celebrate Parinay Fuke’s win
  • Gangster reaches Bhandara in a motorcade with 200 strong men and goons in 15 vehicles

Nagpur: Underworld Don and dreaded gangster who has been the topic of conversations Santosh Ambekar reached Bhandara to greet his old friend and newly elected MLC Parinay Fuke. His reaching Bhandara in a motorcade with 200 strong men and goons in 15 vehicles seemed to be a show of strength. Before the people could even digest the fact that a dreaded gangster has come to Bhandara, Dreaded Don Santosh Ambekar alighted from the car surrounded by big body builders who were his bodyguards.

Santosh Ambekar met Parinay Fuke, embraced him to greet him on his victory. Soon firecrackers worth lakhs of rupees was burst. Compared to the win of Parinay Fuke in the MLC elections, the visit of dreaded don Santosh Ambekar was the talk of the town. On-lookers claimed that many policemen and police officials who were deployed in Bandobast duty had even shook hands with the Don.

If sources are to be believed, the gangster Santosh Ambekar is suddenly ailing with a political fever wanting to contest elections. On earlier occasion too Santosh Ambekar had wanted to contest the elections but, the cops of Nagpur police had slapped the MCOCA on him and had sent him to prison.

Sources added that Dreaded Don Santosh Ambekar has the blessings and protection of many high ranking politicians from behind the scenes.

Throughout his life, he has earned millions of rupees and is said to have made a palatial bungalow in Itwari area. Sources claimed that he had delivered 10 minute speeches in various places during the Maratha Morcha.

Reliable sources claimed that Santosh Ambekar is planning to contest forthcoming elections from a leading political party. Santosh is said to have worked for underworld don Arun Gawli and Chota Rajan.

It is said that when Santosh Ambekar was sent to jail, former Corporator Parinay Fuke had used all contacts and resources to get him released from Jail. Santosh Ambekar and newly elected MLC Parinay Fuke are said to having family relations.

The way Santosh Ambekar went to Bhandara and celebrated the victory of Parinay Fuke looked as if this was a way by which he repaid the debt of Parinay Fuke’s attempts to get him released. The nexus of gangsters and leaders seemed to be the talk of the town.

The victory of Parinay Fuke who is said to be a close ally of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was not an easy one. Parinay Fuke’s victory in the polls defeating Congress MLA Gopal Agrawal’s son Praful who is said to be a heavy-weight leader in Bhandara and Gondia was not an easy one. Many claimed that Parinay Fuke’s victory was probably because of gangster Santosh Ambekar right from the first day of the campaign.



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