Published On : Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

Unbridled Crime : Umrer toll naka workers beat youth to death, another critically injured

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The bewildering spike in crime is giving a tough time to city police with murders, attacks and fights occurring over minor issues. Yet another minor issue lead to murder of a youth and hospitalisation of another youth on Sunday night at Umrer Toll Naka. The reason, Hudkeshwar police informed, was a brawl taken place between Toll Naka employees and a group of 4-5 people over paying of toll tax at the Naka.

Police sources said 4-5 people stuffed in a four-wheeler were stopped at Umrer Toll Tax Naka, Dighori between 10.30 pm and 11 pm on Sunday. When toll tax was demanded, the ‘possibly’ drunkard men refused to pay the tax and put up a brawl with the Naka employees. The car owner then phoned his friend Sandesh Subhash Patil (25), a resident of Rajapeth, Shivaji Colony, behind Nasre Sabhagruha, to help him in the fight. Sandesh, along with his friend Naresh Dhanraj Bagde (26), a resident of Hudkeshwar, Milkhand Nagar, reached the Naka to help his friends on his Discover bike (MH 49 R 3339).

Soon after the arrival of Sandesh and Naresh, a fight took place between Naka employees and others. The fight took an ugly turn when the Naka employees hunt down Sandesh and reportedly hit him on head with a rod and other weapons. Sandesh sustained serious injuries and after Hudkeshwar police reached the spot, he was rushed to Wairagade Hospital for immediate medical attention. The cops performed panchanama and kicked off with their investigations.

Early Monday morning between 7.30 am and 8 am, Hudkeshwar police received a phone call from an unknown caller informing about a body discovered near Toll Naka where fight occurred last night. Cops swung into action and reached the crime scene in no time. A body, bruised with skin deep injuries, was found near the Naka. After preliminary investigation, the body was identified as of Naresh, who had come along with Sandesh to help him. The new piece of information stunned the cops as the murder linked up with the previous night incident.

Interestingly, this murder mystery might be solved as footage of the whole incident of the other night was captured in a CCTV cameras installed at the Naka. However, fingers were pointed at cops when they refused to give away any information about CCTV footage and details about the men nabbed in this regard. However, according to anonymous sources, the CCTV footages indicate a fight between two group and swords being used. But, cops have denied this information and said that all the details will be revealed only after the case is completely solved.

Meanwhile, police informed that Sandesh was in a critical condition and was undergoing treatment. It is worth mentioning that the deceased, Naresh who worked as a driver, was acquitted by court of murder charges that occurred in 2011.

Also, the toll Naka has always been in news over some or the other issue. Reportedly, fights and brawls is a ‘regular’ scene on the naka. It will be interesting to see how cops would solve the murder mystery with fingers pointing their direction.