Published On : Fri, May 8th, 2015

Two former male students of choreographer Shiamak Davar accuse him of sexual abuse


Once again Star Choreographer Shiamak Davar is in controversy for sexually abusing two students. Two of the former students Percy Shroff and Jimmy Mistry from Vancouver have alleged Star Choreographer Shiamak Davar of sexually abusing them.

The two boys have accused the dancing sensation of Bollywood with sexual exploitation charges. However, Shiamak Davar on the other hand has denied the allegations and claimed that he will not be intimidated into silence and will defend himself vigorously in the court.

According to a media report, Shroff and Mistry who are in their teens were getting trained and were learning dance at the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts in India.

Jimmy Mistry alleged that his interaction with the Bollywood choreographer increased when he was shortlisted for Davar’s core dance group. Jimmy Mistry further claimed that most of the core dance groups of Davar included boys and the choreographer heading them would often flirt and take them out for treats after dance classes.

Jimmy Mistry also alleged that after becoming a part of the core group, they were also initiated into VRRP Spiritual Learning group led by the founder. In his lawsuit against Shiamak Davar, Jimmy Mistry alleged that Shiamak Davar would lie on the bed in his underwear and would take someone’s hand, including the Jimmy Mistry’s, and put it on his underwear over his penis.

On the other hand, Percy Shroff in his lawsuit against Shiamak Davar mentioned that his ‘Guru’ often kissed and touched him. He also said that Shiamak Davar once called him and said, “I know your secret.”

Percy Shroff who was a teenager then claimed that he was made to shower with Shiamak Davar once and other sexual advances were made as well. The two complainants had also alleged that Shiamak Davar continued to rule their lives for a long time.

While speaking in an interview, Percy Shroff explained that Shiamak Davar would publically humiliate him if did not respond to the sexual advances demanded by him. He used to believe that his word was God. He just wanted to please him, claims Percy Shroff. He added that Shiamak Davar told him when to get married and have a child.

However, Shiamak Davar has denied all such charges and maintained that he has never had any inappropriate relations with either Jimmy Mistry or Percy Shroff.

Shiamak Devar claimed that he had total faith in the justice system of British Columbia and that his name shall be cleared on all accounts.