Published On : Sat, Sep 10th, 2016

Twelve accused arrested so far in the Ganja smuggling case in Katol

Katol Ganja
: As many as twelve accused were arrested for their involvement in Ganja smuggling case. The cops are trying to ascertain which other places are being used to stash the smuggled Ganja.

On September 7, 2016, the cops surrounded a farmhouse situated in Maraksur village belonging to Manish Singh and raided the farm house. They had discovered a huge cache of Ganja (Cannabis aka Marijuana) hidden under the tarpaulin of a tipper truck bearing RTO registration No AP-31/TT-9902. The cops arrested the owner of the farmhouse Manish Singh from his house in Nagpur city.

The twelve accused arrested so far include:

  • Manish Singh Dhruv Kumar Singh aged 38 years and a resident of Maraksur, Katol.
  • Ramsharan Singh Rambal Singh aged 46 years and a resident of Maraksur, Katol
  • Nikhilesh Dinesh Bakshi aged 31 years and a resident of Dharampeth, Nagpur
  • Nagula Vinay Samba Shivdu aged 32 years and a resident of Kirti Nagar, Telangana
  • Golu Rajput Shahu aged 19 years and a resident of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Anand Kumar Madanlal Thakural aged 45 years and a resident of Delhi
  • Jaswantsingh Puran Singh aged 46 years and a resident of Tagore Garden, New Delhi
  • Arvind Kumar Mukul Jyotinarayan Prasad aged 30 years and a resident of Panapur, Muzafarpur, Bihar
  • Mukesh Kumar Chitrapal aged 26 years and a resident of Indrapuri, Budhanagar, Delhi
  • Sukhvir Singh Sunopachalan Singh aged 45 years and a resident of Shyam Nagar, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi
  • Amit Kumar Hukumchand aged 24 years and a resident of Sultanpuri, Delhi and
  • Vishnudas Rajendradas aged 26 years and a resident of Indrapuri, J J Colony New Delhi.

A political leader on condition of anonymity claimed that as much as Rs 30,000/- was offered to hush-up or not to register the names of two accused from Katol.

Sources claimed that the restaurant situated on the road named Bikaner Restaurant has as many as twenty personnel working in his restaurant. No one knows why he needs so many personnel to work in a restaurant.

Sources also claimed that the owner of Bikaner Restaurant Ashok Rajpurohit procures railway tickets almost every second or third day to send some workers of his restaurant to Jaipur or New Delhi or some other place. Sources further revealed that he dispatches drugs, Ganja (Cannabis aka Marijuana) to different places including Delhi or Jaipur hidden in the bags of labourers or workers since nobody will suspect them to be carriers. Both the brothers can often be seen in the railway station reserving tickets for their workers.

Both the brothers are said to be involved in betting on cricket matches, and are said to be involved in gambling too. Since this is a big racket, there are many settings undertaken to hush-up the matter. Even as cops are trying to piece in the jigsaw puzzle, the goons are trying to cover up the leads.