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Tuli Suites #Experience romancing with your lazy moments into the wilds!

Tuli Suites Sakoli
So… where are you heading to, for your next weekend in or around Nagpur…? High street shopping, hanging out with friends or indulging in delicacies at your favorite eat out…? May be escaping into the wilds could be your catch? You often toy up with similar ideas, whenever it comes to making the best plan for a splendid weekend or brief holidays. Then, you keep on browsing the options only to end up with getting the same old routine ones. You often get bored of picking up the similar choices every time.

We know picking up a night out or two often brings the baggage of confusion. Urbane ideas involving malls and multiplexes have attained maturity of boredom! So where to head for a perfectly calm getaway around Nagpur which not only keeps you fresh but also fills you with a feeling of being recharged. Yes, there’s one thing we have explored for you….the more you get into it, the more you love it. Welcome to Tuli Suites – a magnificent property which takes you a little beyond your imagination.

Amidst the serene vistas of lavishly natured greens and breathtaking views of the sun-kissed pale creamy rocks, lies Tuli Suites – a getaway marvel of 10 royal suites created in rich European architecture and picture perfect combination of lifestyle amenities, fine food, playful activities, wild indulgences, machan nights and all what catches your imagination.

Located in Sakoli which falls under Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, about 100 kms from Nagpur off Raipur road, Tuli Suites is just 2 hours journey from Nagpur. It is the property to cherish relationships, to refresh mind and to rejuvenate heart and charge up your soul. The amenities surrounding the picturesque lake lend itself to the wide species of birds and add up to your desire for pristine escape.

Tuli Suites Sakoli
The meticulously designed Tuli Suites is spread over vast green expanse, carved amidst the layered rocks which provide it natural fortification of emerging cream rocks on one side and the lush green hillocks adorned with a divinely perfect temple gazing from the other side. Not only this, as you move your eyes into the premises, you are greeted with the picturesque setting straight out of a Bollywood movie. The pristine water body attracts hordes of flying creatures including rare species of birds. The consciously created pathways before the beautifully lined up rooms only enhances the look.

Nagpur Today explores this magnificent property and the surrounding attractions which make this lavish getaway a gem of visit.

The Sprawling campus
As you enter the Tuli Suites expanse, you are greeted with a king sized gate manned by the vigilante guards. Once you drive in, the roads mellow down to lead you towards the grand lobby and the cinematic setting of royal luxury rooms. The lake on the right immediately grips your attention. The lake also throws open a fascinating view straight from the wall sized glass window of all the suites.

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The Luxury Suites

All the 10 suites are aesthetically created and luxuriously designed with catchy art pieces and hi-end fixtures. The room opens with a cool sitting room which allows you to spend brief leisure time, as you do in your drawing rooms. The sitting room leads to the lavish bedroom which immediately catalyzes your senses to get into more relaxation mode and more family time. The bedrooms are richly done with all the facilities including LED TV, king sized bathrooms with hot water shower, open gallery laden with couch which beautifully supports the rustic charm of lake-view in front. At the crack of the dawn you wake up with the kiss of the sun right into your bed. We call it a nature’s morning kiss!!

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The Lobby

The grand entrance at Tuli Suites pulls you into the world of prized possessions and decorative art pieces consciously fitted around, and equally providing enough breathing space. The stylish reception greets you with a welcoming gesture from the warm and respectful stewards.

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The Play Area

Let loose the sportsman within you and try your hands out at the pool table or knock the opponents down with your striking fingers at the carom board. The specially created leisure zone is glass walled to give you an amazing backdrop of the green vistas and attractive lake.

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Feel the Dining, Relish the Lounge

While you indulge into the food preferences, the aura and aroma promptly ups your appetite and let you flow into an exotic meal experience at the dedicated dining lounge. Right from choicest selection of breakfast to the rightly picked up dishes for lunch and dinner, spiced up to match every taste, the dining lounge at Tuli Suites is really the place to spoil you over your food choices. The happy moments that come with a carefree family breakfast, lunch and dinner bring the members closer to form a happy bond.

On the Platter
The cooperating and warm service boys happily offer both in-room dining and lounge services at Tuli Suites. The menu on the platter ranges from veg and non-veg dishes prepared by some of the brilliant chefs in the industry. These include traditional Indian meals, Continental, Chinese, Italian prepared and matured strictly under the supervision of expert chefs and cooks. The dishes are also customized and flavored as per the desired taste. So just sit down to dine, relax and relish the delicious mouthwatering meals.

Majestic Machan & Open Bar

Tuli Suites beautifully capture your getaway imagination in the form of a rustically erected machan bottomed with an open bar and barbeque. This calls for more star gazing and catching up the night’s reflection in the lake with the smoky dishes accompanied with your favorite drinks.

Strolling Around
Take a walk or a brief stroll around in the property at the crack of the dawn or even after fall of the dusk! Both the times of the day occupies its own charm that reflects varied views of Tuli Suites. Dharmendra Sharma, an appointed naturalist tells that there are various species of birds that take shelter owing to the rich flora and fauna conducive for the birds’ habitat. “Nightjars which look like dove are very special birds which along with peculiar species of owls get active here during night. Even in the morning, as you move out of your suite for a leisure walk, you are most likely to catch up with some of the rarely seen birds and even migratory birds. There are about 160 species of birds that include nocturnal creatures like fireflies and nightjars,” quips Sharma.

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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is located just within the vicinity of Tuli Suites. The sanctuary is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with a picturesque landscape, luxuriant vegetation and serves as a living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature. This sanctuary has a number of fish, 34 species of mammals, 166 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles and four species of amphibians. The invertebrate fauna includes, besides a number of insects and ant species. Wild animals found here are the tiger, bison, sambar, nilgai, chital, wild boar, sloth bear, Barking Deers, Mouse Deers and wild dog. You can conveniently take a jungle safari from Pitezari gate located just 12 kms from Tuli Suites and soak into your indulgences after a long day out in jungle.

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