Published On : Sun, May 10th, 2015

Truck tries to run over traffic cop in Jaripatka


A traffic cop’s life was saved by a whisker when a mini-truck tried to run over it to avoid routine checking at Khobragade square in Jaripatka area on Saturday evening.

Police said that the cop named Sandeep Devshankar Gupta and another one namely Ambadas Laxman Durge are attached to Indora traffic branch. On Saturday, both were stationed on duty at Khobragade square. At about 5.15 pm, Sandeep saw a Tata-S mini-truck (MH-31/BS-4511) hurrying towards the square.

He tried to stop the truck by signalling it. However, to his utter surprise, the mini-truck came directly rushing at him. Shocked to the core, Sandeep tried to get out of the way and jumped to his side.

But the truck driver attempted to almost run over him and dragged Sandeep for quite a distance. Somehow, Sandeep was able to save his life. The spine chilling incident was witnessed by many on the square and they rushed towards the speeding mini-truck