Published On : Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

Trangenders launch stir for separate Vidarbha

transgender Strike
Nagpur: Till now leaders of different parties along with the common people have been demanding separate Vidarbha but now it is the trangenders who have taken to streets to demand separate Statehood for Vidarbha.

They have already started a 10-day chain hunger strike in Nagpur in demand of separate Vidarbha. The hunger strike has been launched under banner of Akhil Hind Forward Block, in Itwari’s Vidarbha Chandik Mandir. The leader of transgenders Uttambaba Senapati along with his followers is participating in the agitation.

They have been protesting by raising slogans against the government in their traditional way by clapping hands. According to them separate Vidarbha state would benefit the farmers as well as the common people.

The transgenders have decided to chalk out a plan for their agitation to demand statehood for Vidarbha. Soon after their 10-day chain hunger strike they will organise a morcha. They have also threatened to intensify their stir if the demand is not fulfilled.